About Us

Simply Purrfect Holiday Camp for Cats was a concept put into reality well ahead of its time.


The planning of this luxury boarding cattery started back in 2002 by Carol Wregg. Carol saw an opportunity in the pet boarding accommodation market at the time to develop a niche boarding accommodation specifically for cats with no dogs on site. Boarding accommodations at the time didn’t offer a lot of choice in cat boarding with a one size fits all mentality and in some cases had cats from different owners sharing space – which we all now know is a disaster waiting to happen. Not only that, but we now know that cat diseases (such as cat flu) spread easily if cats are under stress.

The objective opening Simply Purrfect was to make every cats stay so enjoyable and relaxing that owners would feel equally relaxed while on their holiday or away and have the cats cared for professionally in comfortable, spacious accommodation. Cats having their own holiday, hence the Holiday Camp for Cats concept was born.


Simply Purrfect commenced trading in 2005 with 27 large cat suites and was successful in a prestigious pet magazine competition Рwinners were voted on by the public. Simply Purrfect picking up a runner up award in its first few years of operation and then winning two consecutive pet minding awards in following years, with one presented by Dr. Chris  Brown (Bondi Vet).


The secret to our ongoing success has been to realise every cat is unique and may require different accommodation, settling in and handling than dogs (dogs are more social animals and enjoy a group situation).

Some cats are strictly inside cats while others may be outside cats and like a yard. The traits of cats also needs to be considered – adventurous or shy cats, feisty cats and senior cats that may prefer solitude or are less agile, kittens, cats that need cuddles and human interaction, cats with health issues needing medication and monitoring.

In 2015 due to continuous sales growth and shortages of accommodation at peak periods, a second building was built giving us an extra 30 suites for our customers. This has been a great success and given us even more flexibility to cater for all the various accommodation needs of our cat clientele.


Our business success has been built on giving quality accommodation at an affordable price, with two thirds of our business generated by referrals from our customers and vets.

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